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Recipe for a vegetarian, buddhist and frieds of a healthy food (and alos for smart bvears, chubbies, and mustche men)


This recipe is ideal for bears and chubbies who like healthy and delicious feeding.
Not all the bears are carnivorous!...but most of them are cannibals. Som of there are very prehistorics: cook over hot embers!. Very paleolithic! We can feel there hardness into us!
Is an erotic dish: in catalan, the auberigen is like a dicky, and peppers like the balls!. You can eat and enjoy it!

In catalan- the language of Ferran Adrià- this mouth-watering dish means to cook in or over hot embers (Escalivada).
It can serve as a cold salad, or as a warm or cold garnish fior gried an roast meats, fishes, etc..
I`ts extremely popular both in home cooking and in restaurants.
Nowadays,it is often combined with preserved anchovies (catalan, french-catalan, italian..), usualy on a slice of toast (canape), wtih blile eggs, etc.

It is also used to make mousses, sauces and timbals, and creative dishes.

You need:
sweet red peppers
vinegar (optative. For my italian friends, Modena vinegar!. A delicate touch)

Roast the peppers and aubergines on a grill over the flames of charcoal fire, DIRECTLY IN THE HOT EMBERS (SIC), turning them frequently whit tongs, until the skin is blackened. Aubergine roast quicckly, pepper more slowly.
Wet your hands under the tap carefully (most all all after you have touche a bear!).. Pell the blackened skin of the vegetables, the cut or tear them into thin strips, taking car to remove thes seed form teh peppers.
Spread them out on a palte and dress wuith oil, a littlel sals anv vinegar if you like, ans slat (Maldon, Es Trenc form Mallorca, Guérande, etc.). Or your favorite dressing. You can also add mince garlic and parsley.

Nowaday the vegetables are very often coated with oil and roasted in the oven (about 40 minus at 140º, in microwaves, etc., althougt they don't have the same falvour this way.
I suggest you the perfect way: a roto-grill JML brand from Schlecker, 69 euros a very nice number!, perfect for single or in a couple bears. I use it). Only 20 minutes, 180º!

They peel more easily if, after roasting, you leave them in the oven or wrap them tighly, individually,in newspaper (foa a illustrated escalivada) or paper bags for a quarter of an hour. Ecological!

Many othe vegetables can alsobe included, for example whole onion (most of the times), tomatoes and even potatoes (thalast two should be cuit in fhalf and palced with the cut face upwars: teh potates, also, in microwaves).

Paniranipicheni piperqui (Bulagaria)
Panirange pecêne parike (Serbia, Croatia, etc.)
Phuvani pecheni piperki (balcan Macedonia)
Menemen (Turkey)
Felfel , badinjan mechwi (Magrib)

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