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Coking for smart bears


I's the same a "corretto catalano" and un "catalano corretto"?. Credo da no!. The corretto is espresso with grappa.

The catalan corretto is similar, bue very erotic, and very good for the bears. In my language, the name of the drink is cigaló - carajillo in spanish.
In both languages it means dicky!.

The catalans drink dickys (no white, but black!) all the day. Is not strange, because the first erotic manual of sex and recipes was writen in catalan, XIV century ( so called the catalan "Kama Sutra").

I have have published, in by books, some astonishing and very goood recipes from this old manuscript (for example the "medicine to harden your prick"- litterally tranlation). The book:Speculum al foder, the title in old catalan; "Manual of fucking", today.

So, the cigaló or carajillo...the attentive reader will, by now, not be at all surprised to learn that both terms refer to what bears have and girls haven't...

There is a old ubiquitous custom in the Catalan Countries (Catalonia, French Catalonia- Roussillon-, Andorra, Valencia, Balearic Islands- with Ibiza -in catalan Eivissa- , a promise land for the bears and others), paticularly in the bars, of reinforcing coffee with spirits, the most traditional being rhum, while brandy, whisky and anisette are also extremely typical, and cream liqueurs are rapidly gaining popularity.

These stimulating concoctions are often drunk after meal, and also in mid-morning, particularly in winter. An, for a very strong bears, in the breakfast!

You need
1 cup of espresso coffe or black coffee (better espresso)
brandy, whiskiy etc. (teh amog , it depends of the taste 1/2, etc)
If you prefer, add sugar or artificial sweetener. I prefer witout sugar.

It's normally served in small special glass...

You can add milk to and make a trifàsic ("three-phase"). The desgaciat (unfotunate) is wits coffees witout caffeine, sweetener, with milk (You can omit the liquor, for more "unfortunate bear").

Corretto (Italy)
Caffé burlé (Frnce)
Café-bénedictine (Frnace)
Irish Coffe (Ireland- USA)
Cremat (Catalonia, Minorca)
Queimada (Galicia)
Liquors and cocktaikls: Coffes cocktail (brandy, curaçao, egg yolk), Cafe´Kirsh coctail; Coffee House (rhum base sweet liquor) Tiam Maria (coffe liquor), etc.

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