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A recipe for smart bears, chubbies and moustacheD men


A nice gift from America, the peppers!. In Catalonia the bears like peppers very much (in catalan, it also means balls (hairy)!. Do you like peepers?

This recipe is for my friend Hristo Petrov, a gourmet bear! We can change the catalan peppers (Pebrots farcits) for bulgarian peppers;so delicious!.

Do you like stuffed peppers?.Here is the recipe, from Catalonia, my country...the country of Ferran Adrià). But very similar to recipes of all the Mediterranean area(Turkey, Greece,Bulgaria...)

You need:
8 plump sweet red peppers
8 spoonfolls of rice (2 for each pepper)
¼ of a kg of minced pork, with a little fat
2 cloves of garlic
3- tomatoes ( in Portugal, also the “balls”)
Olive oil
powered cinnamon, saffron

Cut the peppers across the top at the widest part, keeping the crowns, remove the seed and pith, and wash and dry the peppers. Cut one of the tomatoes in half and grate the others.
Fry the mince, the finely-minced garlic and the chopped parsley, seasoning with salt, cinnamon and saffron.
Add the grated tomato, a teaspoon of sugar, and finally the boiled rice.
When the mixture is cooked, use a spoon to stuff the peppers, but don’t fill them completly.
Cover them with the crown, and if necessary fix these with toothpicks,
Place the in an casserole, with tw spoonfuls of water, one spopnful of olive oil, salt and tehtomat halves.
Cover the cassorole tightly, with dramp brownn paper or aluminium foil, and cook in a low oven (160º) for about 2 hours.

You can eat it hot or cold. A delicious gift for you friends!. I’m sure it will be a success!(perhaps, at least you will suck a lolly pot with succes.

The porc (for islamic people) can be replaced by chicken and other types or mixtures of meat, or (for vegetarians),vegetables, tuna or cod.

In order to steam the peppers, some people place a lid or an upside place on top of thes inside the casserole.

You can stuff aubergines/eggplant,courgettes/zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes...

Pebrots farcits (Catalonia)
Pulneri piperki(Bulgaria)
Piperiés gemistés (Greece)
Biber dolmasi (Turkey)
Punjene paprike (Serbia, Croatia, Voivodina, Montenegor)
Polneti piperki (balkan Macedonia
Speca tê mbushura (Albania)
Pimientos rellenos (Spain)
Peperoni dolci ripieni
Poivrons farcis (France)

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