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Recipes for smart bears,chubys and moustached


The catalan ratatoille is no made of rat! But some rats are edibles. In fact, in the old Paella valenciana, the water rat was present some times!.

The mouse of the computer is edible?. And Micky Mouse? You can try!. I prefer the “catalan- rat-ratatoulle”, samfaina!. A musical dish: in catalan, the name, refers a musical instrument (not the bear flute with a single hole!).

The samfaina is a delicious and healty mixed vegetable garnish, with mediterranean products (or australian, american, etc.).
Now, in the Mediterranela and America is the good times; Australia, later (fresh and ripe products).

You need:
2 red peper (red, green)
1 aubergine
2 onions
Salt, pepper
Olive oil (two spoon)
Red wine,garlic, optional)

Slice onions lengthwais and gently fry a litle of it in olive oil. Before it browns, add a few pieces of 2-3 cem of green or half-reddened peppers. Cok for 8 minutes. Add similar-sized pieces of aubergine (egg-plant), previouly placed in a strainer with a litle salt to remove juices (dangerous for the bears!). Then add the tomato, i large o small pieces. Cook 1/ 2 hour.

When aubergine is not available it can be replaced with courgette (zucchini).Fresh pepper can be replaced with tinned pepper.
The smafaina must be juicy and colorfoul.
Some smart bears previously pell, seed and grate the tomatoes, and then allow the samfaina to reduce to a confiture

The most seasoning this dish admits, being already very tasty, is a pinch of sugar to neutralise the acidity of the tomato. The bears are a littlel sweets!.
You can add a pinch of black pepper and a coup of red wine (not for islamic people)
If it look a little dry, add a little water to keep it juicy.

Althoug it can be prepared separetely, as a delicious garnish or accompaniment, it’s more customay to cook it as the base for a stew or casserole (of lamb, rabbit, chicken, offal, foot and tripe- for the gore bears-,tuna, salted cod (very good).

Its a perfect stuff for pasties, with tined tuna

France (Occitania, midi): ratatouille
Spain: pisto (with eges)
Turkey menemem
Nort Africa: chaacchuka (eggs)
Hungary: lecsó (with lard)
Corsica. Pebronata
Basque Coutry:piperrada
Etc. They are similar dishes.

Cook it and invite a friend!

Wine. Red or rosé. Or beeer (not bear).

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