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Recipes for smart bears, chubbies and moustached


Do you knw the delicious dessert Crema catalana, caramel custard o catalan custaDr?.

Now is in the top: in France appears in a fine restaurants- is a dish desirate in the cult film Émilie-, in Switzerlant is a filling of astonishing chocolat (Lindt), appears in nougat, in Italy i`ts a beverage,etc
In, Catalonia, it’s a most popular dessert.
Is the base of a very perfumated cream liquor- “Licor de crema catalana” (the best bran is “Melody”, glaces and fillings of catalan tarts and pasties.

The crema catalana is a rich egg custard topping with a coating and very caramelised sugar: consequently it’s so called crema cremada (burnt cream). Very raffinated: is served refrigeratd, but with the toping hot.

The bears have a sweet tooth: this exquisite dessert is specially made for them.
Sure, they will love a very typical catalan pastie, the xuixo. It’s an incredible beignet with a identic thik form like a a ting that refer to what littels boys- or great bears- have and littel girls haven`nt.
Naturally, the xuixo is filled- stuffed!- with creamy catalan custard. Very erotic.

You need:
1 l of cow milk
6. eggs yolks
200 g sugar
I -2 heaped spoonful of starch
1 stick of Ceylan cinnamon
Peel of 1 lemon

Set aside a little milk (1 cup) and heat the rest in a sauce pan with de lemon peel (whole) and the stik of cinnamon. Just as it comes to te boil, Remove from the heat: this is enogugh to flavor the milk with the profume of 100 and 1 Nights. Remove the cinnamon and lemon peel,

Place in a bowls a litle milk, the sugar, the eggs yolks and the starch, and stir well. Pour into a heavy-bottoned saucepan over a very low heat, add the rest of the milk, stirring continuosly until it begins to thicken: remove from theheat, still stirring, put onto a platter or into a semal plates (in Catalonia,a typical littel casseroles of terra cotta)..Refrigetate.
Nwu comes the delicate part: just before serving,you have t sprinkle sugar on top of the custards and caramelise it immediately. In Catalonia this is done with wooden-hanled branding-iron with a circular plate (gas or electric).Can use a salamander, a top grill or- it’s a special gift fromf Ferran Adrià- a cooking blow-torch.
If the custar has had time to dampen the sugar, or of the iron is not red-hot, you could wll finish up with a sticky mess.
Traditionally , also, was decorated (whithout burning) with meringue and chocolate piping.

You can buy starch for crema catalana (Royal, etc.)

Crème caramel, crème brulée (France)
Ceme caramel (Portugal)
Natillas (Spain)
Bavarian cream(Bavaria)
Panna cotta (Italia)

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